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Integrate Salesforce Using Talend

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Suppose you want to migrate conditional data from one Salesforce org. to another. So I explore Talend ETL tool to do the task and I found this tool a really very easy and helpful tool to migrate the data. I am going to tell you the steps by steps process: 1. You can download Talend Open […]

Cloud Computing: A Glimpse on the recent BUZZ

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Today’s trend in the industry is Cloudy. Sounds Fuzzy? But it’s not, when you view from an IT professional’s perspective. Cloud Computing is what everyone in the technology world are buzzing about. And it is growing in popularity. Besides a lot of buzz, people keep asking the same question, “What is Cloud Technology and What value […]

Can you make the Business Users enable and disable Mandatory fields on an Object while creating records?

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Have you ever had requests from the Business Users of the Salesforce System or did you ever think about wanting to hand over the ability to enable or disable which field will mandatory? I am writing blog today because we ended being in both the scenarios. When I said we, I meant the Salesforce Practice […]

Filtering Values not just on Lookup Record Name Field but also on the other fields of your choice

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Did you ever encounter a situation where two objects related through a Lookup Relationship had the Name Field as a ID field which is just a Numeric Identifier and there were other fields which had values on which you want to search on to select the Lookup field Value? The reason I am writing this […]

Value of Cloud Computing Technology in Today’s Economic Climate

Posted on with its trusted CRM solutions and Cloud Computing models not only plays an important role in expanding the business but also helps employees connect with their customers like never before. Customer needs are ever changing. How can you delight your customers? Salesforce CRM is here to address this question. With Cloud Computing, you eliminate […] – The way to clean up code mess on Production while Deployment

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  It is been a very interesting journey on the Cloud from the time I started working on Salesforce and Platform. End of 2011 was the time where a Phase 2 of a Project started for one of my Clients in UK and I was assigned as the Technical Lead along with one more […]

IT is the Change Agent and not the Order Taker

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Recently there has been renewed pressure on IT to reduce its Operational Cost and at the same time deliver increasing business benefits. Innovation and Business Agility have also become IT’s additional responsibilities in the recent years. Traditional IT has always been looked upon as an Order Taker and many Senior Execs still view IT has […]