Cloud Computing: A Glimpse on the recent BUZZ

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Today’s trend in the industry is Cloudy. Sounds Fuzzy? But it’s not, when you view from an IT professional’s perspective. Cloud Computing is what everyone in the technology world are buzzing about. And it is growing in popularity. Besides a lot of buzz, people keep asking the same question, “What is Cloud Technology and What value it adds to my business?”

Originally the term gained inspiration from the Cloud symbol used to represent Internet in flowcharts and diagrams. From then it took its shape into what we see today.  Till date many people have explained Cloud technology in many ways that sound interesting. What has made this technology gain momentum is its ease of use.  By its very nature Cloud Computing is much easier to use and the user can enjoy the benefits of multi-tenancy, reliability and upgradeability and last but not least it includes built-in security. This does not involve the daunting task of maintaining the complicated and expensive hardware and software to run business applications. Traditionally, to install, configure, run, secure and update a business application, a whole team of resources was needed. When you multiply this effort with dozens of such application, you can see why big companies with the best IT departments are not getting the apps they need. Needless to say small and mid-sized companies don’t run a risk.

With Cloud Computing, businesses need not worry about managing hardware and software. That has become the responsibility of the experienced vendor. To work on an application in the cloud all you need is a Computer and Internet connection throughout. Your cost effective cloud- based application can be up and running in days or weeks. Managing a cloud- based app has become as easy as managing your personal life on Facebook.

With Cloud Computing growing in popularity, many companies are renaming their non- cloud products as cloud- based. So beware of fraudsters when choosing any cloud offering. If it involves buying or managing of any software or hardware, then what you are looking at is certainly a false cloud.