Cloud Computing Invests in Job Creation

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In the recent years Cloud Computing Technology is playing a huge role in creating more and more jobs. An array of benefits like increased productivity, cost saving through reductions in expenditures for IT hardware, software and maintenance, the ability to free up IT staff from the more complicated routine tasks to dedicate more time to mission critical projects, that the cloud offers is evident. The fact that businesses are inclined to work on the cloud nowadays deserves attention.

According to a recent research, commissioned by Microsoft, spending on public and private IT cloud services will generate 14 million new jobs by 2015. Cloud Computing is considered to be a transformative technology that will trim down cost, promote innovation and open up new jobs and skill sets across the globe.

In theory it is as simple as freeing up companies from their traditional computing methods and allowing them to invest in more revenue generating innovations in other areas of company’s operations. The report also says that small and medium sized companies will adopt Cloud IT services faster than their larger counterparts, as the smaller companies will experience a lesser legacy drag.

When it comes to adoption of IT Cloud services, Securities, investment services, banking and insurance companies are more likely to adopt the technology faster because of their regulations, privacy concerns and security issues.

Eventually one has to believe that one of the beauties of Cloud Computing is that it frees businesses from the constraints of the traditional client- server model, where the up- front cost for the infrastructure is required to pursue technological solutions to business issues. And it can extend its support to every service offered in the cloud, from egovernment and online health records to product development and design, logistics and billing. The growing interest in Cloud has crossed a threshold where the customers are no longer asking “Is the Cloud Right?” but “when can we get it deployed?”