CRM is a Strategy – not just an Application

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It’s a well told story that CRM project failure is commonly down to poor user adoption. Seldom does the story go any further as to why users failed to adopt or gave no support to the project. CRM is all about relationship management. If your company doesn’t perceive relationship management as a strategy for acquisition and retention of customers then it’s small wonder that users don’t see any value. Having a CRM system will not gain you new customers nor engender loyalty. The application is after all only helping your company manage those relationships. Time and effort devoted to your customers can be tracked in your CRM system and it’s easy to highlight those that have been neglected. But your Strategy has to determine who you want to have relationships with, the importance of ┬áthose relationships and the likely impact of your behaviours. If having a CRM system alone could deliver new customers and delight existing ones no CRM projects would ever fail.