How does mobile technology help Sales

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Mobile technology has been adopted at an incredible rate by consumers and businesses alike. Whilst Consumers were told by Manufacturers, Service Providers and Application Providers about the benefits available to them the same cannot be said about business use of the latest technologies. Access anywhere any time from any device has long been the mantra – which can indeed be considered a business benefit:

  • real-time access to data
  • update information whilst in transit, at the customer site etc.
  • more customer facing time
  • data capture including images
  • collaboration

But most attention has been paid to back office improvement – moving the back off ice to the front office. Yet there is so much more – particularly for Sales. Time in front of a prospect or customer is precious. Making an impact, getting your message across and developing a relationship all consume that precious resource and there may not be a second chance.

Instant-on is a fantastic feature of tablet technology that minimizes time lost waiting for system load. Furthermore, using tablet technology sends a series of  unspoken messages to your prospect or customer:

  • Acknowledging that your customer/prospects are savvy as well
  • Respecting their precious time
  • Delivering them high quality content that visualizes your product or service
  • Transparently letting them see what notes and actions you are taking

A recent IDC survey stated that 70% of companies that have deployed tablets are already seeing increases in Sales. This far more than making the back office efficient.