IT is the Change Agent and not the Order Taker

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Recently there has been renewed pressure on IT to reduce its Operational Cost and at the same time deliver increasing business benefits. Innovation and Business Agility have also become IT’s additional responsibilities in the recent years. Traditional IT has always been looked upon as an Order Taker and many Senior Execs still view IT has a cost overhead unable to deliver business value. But, recently Cloud Coumputing and the advent of Social Enterprise has changed that very conception.

Cloud Computing has already entered the mainstream business and organisations have already started realising benefits especially in terms of reduced cost of technology ownership. Private Cloud has helped  organisation in automation, standardisation, resource pooling and even with greater elasticity. The IT folks can now work ever more closely with business because they are spending less amount of time in upgrades and maintenance. This has greater interaction between IT and Business has led to increased innovation and value creation.

Organisation are now looking to be more Social. What I mean by a Social Enterprise is “an organisation that uses Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and Smart Technologies to reach out to its customers, suppliers and vendors. In the recent past new products have been launched on the social media and service staff are now on Twitter listening to the voice of the customer. A new segment of customers are emgerging – the Generation Y and increasing organisations are using social media to woo these customers. The Brand Value of the company is also calculated nowadays by its reputation on the social media. The IT department led by the CIO is driving this change and adoption.

Salesforce has become the platform to make an organisation more social. Perhaps, I touch upon this at a later blog.

The role of Traditional IT as an order taker will end soon. Business IT will be more about change enablement. The sooner organisations introduce Business IT, the faster will they start to realise the benefits and increase value creation